Tee Off Golf 2

Indiana's most technologically advanced driving range with Toptracer Range

Toptracer Range

Memberships are not required. If you plan to use the facility often, they will save you money! 

One of the most addictive games on Toptracer, take your shot at making 9 perfect consecutive swings.

Consisting of different approach shots, the closer you are to the hole, the better!

Virtual Golf gives players access to 14 state of the art courses from around the world.

Golf with up to 4 players on a bay with stroke play, match play or a scramble mode as options.

Take 3 swings at trying to stick it close. The closest shot wins.

A great game for quick and easy competition.

Golfers need a combination of accuracy and distance to excel at this game.

The closer you are to the target line and the farther, the better.
Long Drive challenge

The ultimate proving grounds. Do you actually hit it 350 yards?

Take 3 swings a round at hitting the longest shot within the grid. Perfect for smashing egos or proving them!

Like Darts, but for golf. Each player get three shots per round too accumulate as many points as possible.

The closer you land to the flag and the longer the distance, the more points you earn!

My Practice allows the golfer to track averages for each club including dispersion, distance and a lot more!

The app will save all your data from every session.
Long Drive challenge

Warm Up allows the players to hit shots with statistical feedback on a shot-by-shot basis.

Great to lock in distances before playing other modes!

Tee Off Golf 2 Toptracer Range