Grips & Shafts

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As a golfer the only part of the club you are in contact with is the grip. It is extremely important, often overlooked, and inexpensive way to add some performance to your equipment and your game. However, the grip needs to be in good condition, the correct size, and type.

Factors to consider:

Condition of the grip.

Worn grips cause you to squeeze tighter to control the club and keep it from twisting in your hands due to the lack of traction they provide. This puts tension in the hands, wrist, arms, and shoulders all leading to a loss of distance and control.

Correct grip size.

The wrong sized grip can also affect your golf swing. Too small of a grip can cause a quicker release of the clubhead, making it easier to hook the ball. Conversely, too large of a grip can slow the hands and make it difficult to square the clubface, making it easier to slice the ball.

Correct type of grip.
Grips are all about feel. You need to be comfortable with the material, texture, and style of your grips. Don’t forget about the weather conditions you play in. Hot and humid conditions where moisture and sweat can be issues may require a different texture or style.

How often should they be changed?
Grips are good for about 40 rounds of use. One practice session is equal to one round. If you play regularly, then once a year is good. If you play two – three rounds per week then twice per year.

Club Length Adjustment

Playing with clubs that are too short or too long for you not only hurts your game but can hurt you physically. Your best shots are taken from the proper address position.
We can extend steel and graphite shafted clubs up to two inches. Anything more than that would require a new shaft to be installed.
We can also shorten steel and graphite shafted clubs.
Keep in mind that club length adjustments require us to remove and save your current grip if we can or install a new one.


Have a broken shaft or bent shaft? Need to change a flex , weight, or launch profile? You tried out a club that belonged to a playing partner and now you want that shaft in your club? It doesn’t matter to us what the reason is.

We can remove that broken or bent shaft and install a new one.

We can look at your current shaft profile to aid you in the choices that are out there. Once you’ve made that choice, we can remove the old shaft and install a new one.

Your playing partner won’t sell you that club you tried out so now you need to get that old shaft removed from your club and the new one installed.

We would love to have you as a client.

Whether it is one of these repairs, or you have not had your clubs out for a while and you want us to check them out before you go out to play or the season starts, we will be happy to give them a check-up.

Contact us for an estimate.