Club Building & Tweaks

Meet Master Club Fitter, Jim Smiley

Jim is a multi-award winning Master Club Fitter, uniquely positioned to bring out the best in your game.
He brings the "Pro Tour Van" experience to the table.

Custom Building

What are custom built clubs?

  • Custom built clubs are made to your specifications based on your physical attributes, swing characteristics, and style of play.

Where do I start?

  • Getting a custom built set of golf clubs starts by getting a fitting by a club fitter of your choice.

What clubs can I be fitted for?

  • You can be fit for hybrids, irons, wedges, woods, and putters.

What info is needed to get a custom built set of clubs?

  • Your club fitter should give you the following information: Length, Loft, Lie, Shaft , and Grip.

What are the benefits?

  • Longer straighter drives & straighter iron shots.
  • Distance control
  • Wedge game improvement.
  • Confidence in your clubs and your game leading to lower scores.

Spine Alignment with FLO

Spine Alignment with FLO

What is it?

  • It is a way of assembling the golf club , so the shaft and the club head are in perfect balance.

What is wrong with my clubs the way they are?

  • Chances are your clubs were purchased off the shelf at some big box store, which means they were mass produced. All golf shafts have spines due to the way they are made. If your clubs we mass produced, then more than likely the shafts were just fixed to the clubhead without any concern for the proper alignment of the shaft to the clubhead, making them inconsistent.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased launch angle.
  • Greater distance
  • Tighter shot dispersion.
  • More consistent feel and response from the club.
  • Lower scores and more enjoyment from the game.

Swing Weight/MOI Adjustment

Swing Weight/MOI Adjustment

Swing weight is how heavy a club feels when you swing it. It is not the total weight of the three components that make up the club, but rather the dynamic feel of them. It is affected by the weights of the club head, shaft, grip , and the length of the shaft.

A swing weight that is incorrect can lead to greater inconsistency and off-center strikes. A correct swing weight leads to consistent accurate strikes swing after swing. A simple decrease in shaft length by 1/2″ can change swing weight by up to 3 points. We understand how important these small changes are to your golf game and club performance.

MOI (Moment of Inertia) is another way to swing weight a club. By using MOI clubs can be accurately matched throughout the set. With MOI we are able to build off the MOI of your favorite club. Wedges, woods, and irons should have their own MOI. This will give you a consistent sense of feel within wedges, woods, and irons.

Whether it is one of these repairs, or you have not had your clubs out for a while and you want us to check them out before you go out to play or the season starts, we will be happy to give them a check-up.

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